DEW: Solo show of Still Lifes by Melanie Parke
March 9 - April 9, 2019
Tory Folliard Gallery

Dew: Suggesting sensations, temperature shifts, natural phenomena and fruitful scenarios, narratives found in my paintings that position still life in an environment of longing and expectancy. Dew found in nature has a kind of magical quality as if coming out of nowhere, producing a glittering illusion scanned from certain perspectives in the landscape, or up close, allowing a magnifying lens to expand the surface wherever it may land. Dew often comes with associations of the daybreak, assumptions of promise, the start of the day, a sense of vibrancy from something so small. It simultaneously plays on the related significance of "due", as in fertility, incorporating a feminist perspective of coming to fullness. My paintings often set up a domestic space using the classic framing devise of a window or door. Like Matisse and Vuillard, my works are populated by pattern and domestic subject matter, however my paintings candidly propose these spaces are created from feminist perspectives and ideologies.

Nature Morte
Tory Folliard Gallery, Milwaukee, WI
July 2019

Petal Power, Osilas Gallery, Concordia College
Curated by Bartholomew Bland and Patti O’Shaughnessy
Bronxville, NY
January - March 16, 2019

American Academy in Rome - Visiting Artist
November 2018

Kenise Barnes Fine Art, Larchmont, NY
November 2018

Now & Then
Anne Loucks Gallery, Glencoe, IL
September 2018