Melanie Parke

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February 6 - March 20, 2021
Tory Folliard Gallery, Milwaukee, WI
group show
Tom Bamberger, TD Brenner, Mary Bero, Chris Berti, Derrick Buisch, Marion Coffey, Terrence Coffman, Laura Dronzek, Ron Isaacs, Claire Kellesvig, Clare Malloy, William Nichols, Mark Mulhern, Charles Munch, Dennis Nechvatal, Michael Noland, Russell Panczenko, Guzzo Pinc, Jeremy Popelka, Melanie Parke, Bill Reid, Jeffrey Ripple, Jan Serr, George Shipperley, Brook Slane, Jeanette Pasin Sloan, Aniela Sobieski, T.L. Solien, Claire Stigliani, Fred Stonehouse, Paula Swaydan Grebel, Richard Taylor, Stephanie Trenchard, Mary Alice Wimmer, James Winn, Janica Yoder and Betsy Youngquist.

Opens March 5, 2021
Meyer Vogl Gallery, Charleston, SC
group show of works on paper
Susan Altman, Susan Colwell, Aimee Erickson, Kathleen Jones, Laurie Meyer, Melanie Parke, Anne Darby Parker, Marissa Vogl, and Carrie Beth Waghorn.

January 16 - February 6 2021
Hashimoto Gallery NYC
a group show looking to the timeless floral muse.
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April 20- MAY 26, 2021
Beth Urdang Gallery, Wellesley, MA

November 2021
Meyer Vogl Gallery, Charleston, SC

Spring 2022
Tory Folliard Gallery, Milwaukee, WI

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I'm in a book ! - Eraser, Volume 1
published by Brian Edmonds at Curating Contemporary
with artists: Susan Carr, Ellen Siebers, Sabine Tress, Mandy Lyn Ford, & Valerie Brennan
and wIth interviews by Catherine Haggarty, Christina Renfer Vogel, Dana-Marie Lemmer, Brianna Bass, Amelia Briggs, & Jodi Hays; poem by Alexis Christakes.
Eraser Vol 1 Preview

Light, or the illusion of it, is the main character in my work. It can be very magical to watch refractions move across a table holding just a few objects.

I compose a still life with the obvious identifiers - a bouquet, a bowl of fruit - but what I want to give my viewer is that feeling of chasing light in a calm state of mind. I’m curious how light effects can make a chimera of things - a mutation - as if lifting the weight of what something is into something less knowable.

Cezanne’s idea of passing through objects is something I think about a lot. Even when the entire plane of one of my paintings is engaged in pattern, I’m going for the feeling of never-ending transparencies, passing through walls and hard surfaces, to keep the eye going, passing to the other side of a thing and to keep looking.

Interiors and garden motifs are reconstructed through ideology and memory, from halcyon days spent in island cottages and Roman villas. Flowers, which represent friendships and the women in my life, center most of my work. The presence of birds suggests curiosity and wonder, sometimes allegories of fragility, sometimes euphoria. I’m looking for visual lushness. By alternating tonal moods and vivid ornamentation I aim to convey sensations of consolation, longing and desire.

NEW: The DOMUS Series, works on paper
During the uncertainty of the Covid-19 Pandemic, I began a new series of gouache on paper, titled DOMUS. Domus means House in Italian, in particular the Imperial style homes of the second century BC, like what we see in Pompeii and Herculaneum with courtyard gardens and frescoed interiors.

I love how working on paper feels so vital and immediate, free from the labor and time intensity of working in oil. This is just what I needed to restart my image making process after weeks absorbed in uncertainty and loss.

Gouache is a water based medium much like watercolor but packed with more pigment and opacity. The fluidity of it allows me to move through new ideas quickly.

The Domus Series is a way to re-think about our own domestic situation where we find ourselves during this moment. Missing bodies, skin, and human touch, I am exploring ideas of longing and desire. Being outside to enjoy nature is a fleeting comfort as it accompanies the reality of mass bird and bee extinction. It is a worrying time, and also weighing heavily on my mind is thinking about the continued dire hazards women face in this predicament of staying home, which is often not safe. A re-imagining of safe space feels necessary. Populated with female bodies, wild animals, birds and flowers, I am setting up protected places for the imagination, for women, for nature and for pleasure.
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