Melanie Parke

Summer of Love (50 years after 1967) - with Gabe Brown, Mary Judge, David Konigsberg, Melanie Parke
Kenise Barnes Fine Art
Jul 13 - Sep 1, 2017
"The cry of 'Flower Power' echoes through the land. We shall not wilt. Let a thousand flowers bloom."— Abbie Hoffman, Workshop in Nonviolence, May 1967

Sea Bird, solo show at Warm Springs Gallery, VA
August 2017

The Whitney Biennial / Debt Fair
The Whitney Museum
March- June 2017

FLOCK ~ solo show show of small bird paintings curated by Richard Kooyman
BLK MRKT, Traverse City, MI
June 2017

Driven to Abstraction, with Lori Ellison, Dana James, Lizzie Scott and Caroline Blum curated by Caroline Blum and David Reisman at Susan Eley Fine Art, NY
March 2017

#PUSSYPOWER, curated by Jennifer Samet & Michael David, David & Schweitzer Contemporary, Brooklyn, NY
December 2016

American Academy in Rome - Visiting Artist
November 2016

The Voice is in Every Object, Solo show at Kenise Barnes Fine Art, Larchmont, NY
September 2016

Italian Airs, Schema Projects, New York, NY
May 2016

Peonies at a Crime Scene, with Peter Shear and Julie Alexander, curated by Julie Alexander at Neon Heater, Findlay, OH
June 2016

American Academy in Rome - Visiting Artist
November 2015

Going Big - Curated by Suzan Shutan & Susan Carr
New York, NY
August 2015

I am now represented by Kenise Barnes Fine Art in Larchmont, NY
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Pastoral and bucolic still life settings emerge from my own life. I reconstruct familiar interiors and filter them through the ideology of memory. My subjects often center flowers, which bind me to friendships and the women in my life. I utilize sentiment to craft a domestic locus and seek visual lushness by alternating tonal moods and vivid ornamentation.

Painting is a pleasure seeking process for me and abstraction a vehicle with which to think and begin. I set up the space intuitively, in broad and textured gestures, then piece together arrangements to compose a homespun narrative. Specific interiors and landscapes are often implied. Shifting the emphasis to pattern, texture and tone, I work to destabilize notions of exacting representation. This is an effort to build on a sensation of memory which conjures both comfort and longing.